Annie Gallie, MD - Life Coaching

Helping exhausted women MDs get their lives back...

...without compromise.

Medicine is hard. I think we all knew that going in. But it’s more than that.

It is the heaviness of a backlog that you carry in shame for months. Waiting to be found out.

It is carrying the mental load of your household despite having a stay at home spouse. Would dentist appointments even happen if you didn’t book them?

It’s the depletion you feel after a long day on call at the hospital and YOU are the one finding something for dinner. You’ve been busy saving lives. What has everyone else been doing all day?

It is picking up shifts and covering as the breadwinner so that you can pay for the next vacation. It will fix all the reasons you are exhausted…right?

This low level of resentment you feel is not something to ignore. It seems like this is just what it is to be a female physician.

But deep down, there is this tiny voice inside of you screaming.

IS THIS IT?! I worked hard to be one of the most intelligent, dedicated, accomplished women on the planet…

And this is my life?

And that is what we are here to solve.

I am inviting you into a world in which you get your life back.

And the byproduct is that everyone around you rises as well (your kids, your patients, your staff).

A life in which you leave your charts at the office.
A life in which you leave your laptop at home on vacations.
A life in which you have support at home in line with what your male colleagues enjoy.

And the weight of everything going on in your family is off of your shoulders, and your family is doing better as a result.

I’m not going to tell you it’s dreamy. I’ll leave that to you to decide.

But what I will say is this.

You will have a life where you leave your charts at the office. Because they are DONE and up-to-date.

Your laundry room is empty because the clothes are clean—and you didn’t wash them, fold them, or put them away.

You’re not putting makeup on in the car as you drive to work.

And after work, you easily make pilates class at least a few nights a week, because someone else is making dinner.

These are among the measures for a good life. A life as good as your dog’s. Ha. And you deserve that.

Hi, I’m Annie, and I’m so glad you’re here.

I am on a mission to improve the quality of life for female physicians.

As a full time family physician, wife, mom of two and life coach, I have studied the plight of the female MD from the inside.

I was an exhausted, overwhelmed mom just like you trying to stay above water. Trying to provide excellent care to my patients. 

I did all the yoga, then I managed my mind, but it wasn’t until I actually solved the inequalities and inefficacies in my life did I actually stop the cycle.

And now I help others do the same.

You are overwhelmed and exhausted for a reason. We simply solve for that with skill.

How I can help you...

1:1 Coaching

Weekly private coaching. Month to month.
Able to accommodate variable schedules.

Doctors Who Delegate Group Coaching

Small group dedicated to helping women MDs rise together and get their lives back. Two calls per week. Wednesday – The Highly Effective Home for the Female Physician. And Saturday mornings – Open Coaching. Access to private podcast for replays, so you can gain all the gems on your dog walks. Some of the best coaching I have ever received was when I wasn’t being coached directly. The energy and support of some of the best kinds of humans is priceless.

Monthly Membership, flexible and convenient, affordable

“In the first two weeks of working with Annie, I found my reason for practicing medicine.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Annie. Annie came into my life at a low point. I was days away from walking away from practicing medicine. I was 20-plus days behind on clinic notes. In the first two weeks of working with Annie, I found my reason for practicing medicine. Within a month or so, I got caught up on those notes and, with Annie’s guidance, implemented a system that keeps me on top of charting. I worked with Annie for about a year and a half, and in that time, I changed. Annie showed me that I have a choice in how I show up every day, and owning that choice is my gift. As a woman physician, mother, and wife, I wish everyone had Annie in their toolbox for when it feels like there are no solutions.

—Erica, Pediatrician

“I have so much more balance in my life and far less overwhelm.”

I am so grateful to have fallen upon Annie’s website and to have had the opportunity to work with Annie. It was so impactful to be able to work with someone who “gets it” as a mom, female physician, wife and fellow human. I have been able to grow so much in so many areas of my life thanks to our wonderful conversations and thoughtful exercises. I am so thankful that my need to avoid disappointment no longer has a strong hold on how I live my life day to day. I have so much more balance in my life and far less overwhelm. THANK YOU!!

—Chelsea, Rural GP

“Annie’s perspective is so balanced and open. It’s helped me see the areas in my life where I deserve to hold more space for myself.”

—Alix, Corporate Strategist

“Things that have helped me: my incredible life coach, Annie—having the opportunity to have someone impartial LISTEN to me and give me tools for managing my mind is priceless.”

Trish,  Entrepreneur

“I feel that I have gained a layer of armour in the fight against burnout and am more confident that I can do this!”

I was excited for the chance to be able to work with Annie in the capacity of a life coach. A respected colleague in the field of medicine, I felt a confidence in Annie’s abilities to understand the unique situation of a female physician who is also balancing the demands of being a mother and a wife. My time with Annie has been incredible – it has given me a chance to reflect on my journey thus far and all of the strengths and challenges, and most importantly, look towards designing my most balanced future. There were some laughs, some tears, and some incredibly insightful moments. Thank-you Annie for this gift of so many tools that I can use to balance the demands of career and family life and plan for my goal-oriented future.

I would highly recommend working with Annie for anybody, but in particular any female physician who is feeling that “something needs to change”; I feel that I have gained a layer of armour in the fight against burnout and am more confident that “I can do this!”

—Mel, Pediatrician

Stop feeling exhausted and get your life back.